Weekly Program Guide for GOV'T - Sep 21, 2023 to Sep 27, 2023
Thursday12:30 AMBoard of Zoning Appeals 9/18/23
Thursday2:00 AMFirst Evangelical Lutheran
Thursday2:30 AMPeaceful Park Pause #82
Thursday3:00 AMCable Commission 8/3/23
Thursday4:00 AMGolden Years
Thursday5:30 AMBoard of Zoning Appeals 9/18/23
Thursday7:30 AMCity Council 9/19/23
Thursday8:30 AMFreshwater Community Church
Thursday10:00 AMCo. Commissioners Mtg. 9/26/23
Thursday12:00 PMThe Chapel Wadsworth
Thursday1:30 PMSenior Center Talent Show
Thursday3:00 PMPublic Safety Committee 9/20/23
Thursday4:30 PMPeaceful Park Pause #82
Thursday6:30 PMVillage Life - Live Your Wish
Thursday7:30 PMFree Clinic of Medina County
Thursday8:00 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Thursday10:00 PMUMC Praise Service
Thursday11:30 PMPublic Ways Committee 9/11/23
Friday1:00 AMGolden Years
Friday1:30 AMPlanning Commission 9/25/23
Friday3:00 AMFirst Evangelical Lutheran
Friday3:30 AMSalute to Service
Friday4:30 AMPatty's Page
Friday5:00 AMPublic Ways Committee 9/11/23
Friday6:30 AMCo. Commissioners Mtg. 9/26/23
Friday8:30 AMPublic Ways Committee 9/11/23
Friday10:00 AMCable Commission 8/3/23
Friday11:00 AMEconomic Development Committee
Friday11:30 AMPublic Service Committee
Friday1:00 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Friday2:30 PMCrossroads Community Church
Friday4:00 PMPublic Safety Committee 9/20/23
Friday5:30 PMVillage Life - Live Your Wish
Friday6:30 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Friday8:00 PMFree Clinic of Medina County
Friday9:00 PMSenior Center Talent Show
Saturday12:00 AMVillage Life - Live Your Wish
Saturday1:30 AMFirst Evangelical Lutheran
Saturday2:30 AMPeaceful Park Pause #82
Saturday3:00 AMCable Commission 8/3/23
Saturday4:00 AMSalute to Service
Saturday4:30 AMRadiant Life Church
Saturday6:00 AMPublic Safety Committee 9/20/23
Saturday7:30 AMFreshwater Community Church
Saturday9:00 AMPublic Service Committee
Saturday11:00 AMBoard of Zoning Appeals 9/18/23
Saturday1:00 PMPublic Ways Committee 9/11/23
Saturday2:30 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Saturday4:00 PMThe Chapel Wadsworth
Saturday5:30 PMEconomic Development Committee
Saturday6:00 PMFree Clinic of Medina County
Saturday6:30 PMPeaceful Park Pause #82
Saturday7:00 PMVillage Life - Live Your Wish
Saturday8:00 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Saturday9:30 PMGolden Years
Saturday10:00 PMSenior Center Talent Show
Sunday12:30 AMReally Recovered
Sunday6:30 AMUMC Praise Service
Sunday8:00 AMEconomic Development Committee
Sunday8:30 AMThe Chapel Wadsworth
Sunday10:30 AMCity Council 9/19/23
Sunday11:30 AMSenior Center Talent Show
Sunday1:30 PMPlanning Commission 9/25/23
Sunday3:00 PMRadiant Life Church
Sunday4:30 PMFreshwater Community Church
Sunday6:00 PMPublic Safety Committee 9/20/23
Sunday7:30 PMCity Council 9/19/23
Sunday8:30 PMSenior Center Talent Show
Sunday10:00 PMCrossroads Community Church
Monday2:00 AMPatty's Page
Monday4:00 AMPublic Service Committee
Monday6:30 AMReally Recovered
Monday8:00 AMPublic Ways Committee 9/11/23
Monday9:30 AMPeaceful Park Pause #82
Monday10:00 AMFirst Evangelical Lutheran
Monday11:00 AMEconomic Development Committee
Monday11:30 AMBoard of Zoning Appeals 9/18/23
Monday1:30 PMPlanning Commission 9/25/23
Monday2:30 PMCrossroads Community Church
Monday4:00 PMPlanning Commission 9/25/23
Monday8:30 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Monday10:00 PMReally Recovered
Monday11:30 PMUMC Praise Service
Tuesday1:00 AMGolden Years
Tuesday2:00 AMEconomic Development Committee
Tuesday3:00 AMPublic Service Committee
Tuesday5:00 AMPublic Safety Committee 9/20/23
Tuesday7:00 AMGolden Years
Tuesday7:30 AMSalute to Service
Tuesday8:00 AMPatty's Page
Tuesday8:30 AMVillage Life - Live Your Wish
Tuesday9:30 AMPeaceful Park Pause #82
Tuesday10:00 AMCable Commission 8/3/23
Tuesday11:00 AMFirst Christian Church
Tuesday12:30 PMRadiant Life Church
Tuesday2:00 PMPublic Service Committee
Tuesday4:00 PMFirst Christian Church
Tuesday7:30 PMFree Clinic of Medina County
Tuesday8:00 PMVillage Life - Live Your Wish
Tuesday9:00 PMFirst Christian Church
Tuesday10:30 PMSenior Center Talent Show
Wednesday12:00 AMCo. Commissioners Mtg. 9/26/23
Wednesday2:00 AMFreshwater Community Church
Wednesday4:00 AMRadiant Life Church
Wednesday5:30 AMCable Commission 8/3/23
Wednesday6:00 AMPatty's Page
Wednesday7:30 AMFree Clinic of Medina County
Wednesday8:00 AMFirst Christian Church
Wednesday9:30 AMBoard of Zoning Appeals 9/18/23
Wednesday11:30 AMThe Chapel Wadsworth
Wednesday1:30 PMCity Council 9/19/23
Wednesday2:30 PMSalute to Service
Wednesday3:00 PMCrossroads Community Church
Wednesday4:30 PMPlanning Commission 9/25/23
Wednesday6:00 PMApples with Andy - Dr. A. Hill
Wednesday7:30 PMCity Council 9/19/23
Wednesday8:30 PMSenior Center Talent Show
Wednesday10:30 PMCo. Commissioners Mtg. 9/26/23
*This schedule is valid as of 11:00 PM on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.