Weekly Program Guide for EDUC - Jul 21, 2019 to Jul 27, 2019
Sunday2:00 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Sunday6:00 AMWHS Baccalaureate
Sunday7:30 AMWHS Promenade
Sunday8:30 AMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Sunday10:00 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Sunday10:30 AMWCS - Carpentry House
Sunday11:00 AMWounded Warrior Project
Sunday12:00 PMWHS Commencement
Sunday2:00 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Sunday3:30 PMWHS Commencement
Sunday5:30 PMWounded Warrior Project
Sunday6:30 PMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Sunday8:00 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Sunday9:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Sunday9:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Sunday10:00 PMWHS Promenade
Monday12:00 AMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Monday4:00 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Monday8:30 AMState of the Schools Address
Monday9:30 AMWCS - Carpentry House
Monday11:00 AMWHS Commencement
Monday1:00 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Monday2:30 PMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Monday4:00 PMWHS Commencement
Monday6:00 PMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Monday6:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Monday7:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Monday7:30 PMWHS Commencement
Monday9:30 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Monday10:00 PMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Monday11:30 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Tuesday2:30 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Tuesday7:30 AMState of the Schools Address
Tuesday8:30 AMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Tuesday10:00 AMWCS - Carpentry House
Tuesday10:30 AMWounded Warrior Project
Tuesday11:00 AMWHS Promenade
Tuesday12:00 PMState of the Schools Address
Tuesday1:00 PMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Tuesday2:30 PMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Tuesday4:00 PMWHS Commencement
Tuesday6:00 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Tuesday7:30 PMWHS Commencement
Tuesday9:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Tuesday10:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Tuesday11:00 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Wednesday6:00 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Wednesday8:00 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Wednesday8:30 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Wednesday9:00 AMWHS Commencement
Wednesday11:00 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Wednesday11:30 AMWHS Promenade
Wednesday12:30 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Wednesday2:00 PMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Wednesday2:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Wednesday3:00 PMWHS Promenade
Wednesday4:00 PMState of the Schools Address
Wednesday6:00 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Wednesday6:30 PMWounded Warrior Project
Wednesday7:00 PMWHS Commencement
Wednesday9:00 PMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Wednesday10:00 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Thursday12:30 AMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Thursday3:30 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Thursday6:30 AMState of the Schools Address
Thursday7:30 AMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Thursday10:00 AMWHS Baccalaureate
Thursday11:30 AMWCS - Carpentry House
Thursday12:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Thursday12:30 PMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Thursday1:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Thursday2:00 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Thursday3:30 PMWounded Warrior Project
Thursday4:00 PMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Thursday5:30 PMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Thursday6:00 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Thursday7:30 PMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Thursday8:00 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Thursday8:30 PMWounded Warrior Project
Thursday9:30 PMWHS Fine Arts Assembly
Thursday11:00 PMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Friday1:00 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Friday4:30 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Friday8:00 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Friday10:00 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Friday10:30 AMState of the Schools Address
Friday11:30 AMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Friday12:00 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Friday12:30 PMWounded Warrior Project
Friday2:00 PMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Friday2:30 PMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Friday3:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Friday3:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Friday4:00 PMWHS Promenade
Friday5:00 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Friday7:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Friday7:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Friday8:00 PMWHS Commencement
Friday10:00 PMWHS Baccalaureate
Saturday12:00 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Saturday12:30 AMState of the Schools Address
Saturday6:00 AMBoard of Education Meeting
Saturday8:00 AMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Saturday9:30 AMWCS - Carpentry House
Saturday10:00 AMSacred Heart School Show Choir
Saturday11:00 AMWounded Warrior Project
Saturday11:30 AMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Saturday12:00 PMState of the Schools Address
Saturday1:00 PMWHS Commencement
Saturday3:00 PMGrizzly Grapplin' #4
Saturday3:30 PMWounded Warrior Project
Saturday4:00 PMBoard of Education Meeting
Saturday5:30 PMWCS - Carpentry House
Saturday6:00 PMWHS Promenade
Saturday7:00 PMWounded Warrior Project
Saturday7:30 PMWHS Commencement
Saturday9:30 PMState of the Schools Address
Saturday10:30 PMWHS Baccalaureate
*This schedule is valid as of 10:00 AM on Sunday, July 21, 2019 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.