Weekly Program Guide for PUBLIC - Mar 25, 2023 to Mar 31, 2023
Saturday1:00 AMThe Weirdness Really Bad Movie
Saturday3:00 AMCleveland at Nite
Saturday8:00 AMSonny and Friends #26
Saturday8:30 AMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Saturday9:00 AMRight and Left #219
Saturday9:30 AMAwakening with Soulspirational
Saturday11:00 AMCreated Outdoors - S6:E7
Saturday12:00 PMVillains of Pro Wrestling #63
Saturday12:30 PMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Saturday1:00 PMDean Beaty at First Friday
Saturday1:30 PMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Saturday2:00 PMThe Real News #93
Saturday2:30 PMBruce on the Loose #108
Saturday3:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Saturday3:30 PMTicket Trivia #199
Saturday4:00 PMSwartz/Bechter at First Friday
Saturday5:00 PMWine with Wanda #49
Saturday5:30 PMRSVP - Toastmasters
Saturday6:00 PMHealth & Happiness Show
Saturday7:00 PMMalunion at First Friday
Saturday8:00 PMPolka Time Again #1,468
Saturday9:00 PMZoom Into Business
Saturday9:30 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Saturday10:00 PMJones'n at Blue Tip BBQ
Sunday1:00 AMCleveland at Nite
Sunday2:00 AMThe Weirdness Really Bad Movie
Sunday6:30 AMMosaic Church Wadsworth
Sunday7:00 AMIn Search of the Lord's Way
Sunday7:30 AMSalvation Army Style Show
Sunday9:00 AMSacred Heart Church
Sunday10:30 AMTrinity United Church of Christ
Sunday12:00 PMZoom Into Business
Sunday12:30 PMDean Beaty at First Friday
Sunday1:00 PMSacred Heart Church
Sunday2:30 PMAwakening with Soulspirational
Sunday3:00 PMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Sunday3:30 PMGrace Lutheran Church
Sunday5:00 PMUnited Methodist Church
Sunday6:30 PMGrace Lutheran Church
Sunday8:30 PMMosaic Church Wadsworth
Sunday9:00 PMUnited Methodist Church
Sunday10:30 PMThe Best of Smooth Jazz #23
Sunday11:00 PMTicket Trivia #199
Sunday11:30 PMRight and Left #219
Monday3:00 AMThe Weirdness Really Bad Movie
Monday5:00 AMBruce on the Loose #108
Monday6:30 AMSwartz/Bechter at First Friday
Monday7:30 AMSonny and Friends #26
Monday8:00 AMCreated Outdoors - S6:E7
Monday8:30 AMSacred Heart Church
Monday10:00 AMPolka Time Again #1,468
Monday11:00 AMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Monday11:30 AMThe Real News #93
Monday12:00 PMGrace Lutheran Church
Monday1:30 PMUnited Methodist Church
Monday3:00 PMZoom Into Business
Monday4:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Monday4:30 PMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Monday5:00 PMPolka Time Again #1,468
Monday6:00 PMWine with Wanda #49
Monday6:30 PMTicket Trivia #199
Monday7:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Monday7:30 PMRight and Left #219
Monday8:00 PMMalunion at First Friday
Monday9:00 PMSalvation Army Style Show
Monday10:00 PMHealth & Happiness Show
Monday11:00 PMSonny and Friends #26
Monday11:30 PMVillains of Pro Wrestling #63
Tuesday12:30 AMCleveland at Nite
Tuesday1:30 AMAwakening with Soulspirational
Tuesday4:00 AMIn Search of the Lord's Way
Tuesday6:00 AMPolka Time Again #1,468
Tuesday7:00 AMBruce on the Loose #108
Tuesday8:30 AMAwakening with Soulspirational
Tuesday9:00 AMThe Best of Smooth Jazz #23
Tuesday9:30 AMZoom Into Business
Tuesday10:00 AMTrinity United Church of Christ
Tuesday11:30 AMDean Beaty at First Friday
Tuesday12:00 PMSalvation Army Style Show
Tuesday1:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Tuesday1:30 PMWine with Wanda #49
Tuesday2:00 PMSonny and Friends #26
Tuesday3:00 PMWadsworth in Space
Tuesday4:00 PMMosaic Church Wadsworth
Tuesday4:30 PMCreated Outdoors - S6:E7
Tuesday5:00 PMTrinity United Church of Christ
Tuesday6:30 PMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Tuesday7:00 PMMalunion at First Friday
Tuesday8:00 PMVillains of Pro Wrestling #63
Tuesday8:30 PMPolka Time Again #1,468
Tuesday9:30 PMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Tuesday10:00 PMThe Real News #93
Tuesday11:00 PMSwartz/Bechter at First Friday
Wednesday12:00 AMThe Weirdness Really Bad Movie
Wednesday2:00 AMWadsworth in Space
Wednesday7:00 AMRSVP - Toastmasters
Wednesday8:00 AMWine with Wanda #49
Wednesday8:30 AMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Wednesday9:00 AMPolka Time Again #1,468
Wednesday10:00 AMHealth & Happiness Show
Wednesday11:00 AMRSVP - Toastmasters
Wednesday11:30 AMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Wednesday12:00 PMHealth & Happiness Show
Wednesday1:00 PMSalvation Army Style Show
Wednesday2:00 PMCreated Outdoors - S6:E7
Wednesday2:30 PMBruce on the Loose #108
Wednesday3:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Wednesday3:30 PMThe Best of Smooth Jazz #23
Wednesday4:00 PMSonny and Friends #26
Wednesday4:30 PMRight and Left #219
Wednesday5:00 PMIn Search of the Lord's Way
Wednesday5:30 PMMalunion at First Friday
Wednesday6:30 PMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Wednesday7:00 PMTicket Trivia #199
Wednesday7:30 PMSwartz/Bechter at First Friday
Wednesday8:30 PMZoom Into Business
Wednesday9:30 PMThe Real News #93
Wednesday10:00 PMPolka Time Again #1,468
Wednesday11:00 PMBruce on the Loose #108
Wednesday11:30 PMVillains of Pro Wrestling #63
Thursday12:30 AMAwakening with Soulspirational
Thursday1:00 AMRight and Left #219
Thursday1:30 AMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Thursday2:00 AMCleveland at Nite
Thursday3:30 AMThe Weirdness Really Bad Movie
Thursday7:00 AMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Thursday9:30 AMRight and Left #219
Thursday10:00 AMSwartz/Bechter at First Friday
Thursday11:30 AMWine with Wanda #49
Thursday12:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Thursday12:30 PMRSVP - Toastmasters
Thursday1:00 PMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Thursday1:30 PMAwakening with Soulspirational
Thursday2:00 PMDean Beaty at First Friday
Thursday2:30 PMTicket Trivia #199
Thursday3:00 PMSonny and Friends #26
Thursday4:00 PMHealth & Happiness Show
Thursday5:00 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Thursday5:30 PMSalvation Army Style Show
Thursday6:30 PMCreated Outdoors - S6:E7
Thursday7:00 PMMalunion at First Friday
Thursday8:00 PMPolka Time Again #1,468
Thursday9:00 PMRSVP - Toastmasters
Thursday9:30 PMBruce on the Loose #108
Thursday10:00 PMZoom Into Business
Thursday10:30 PMThe Best of Smooth Jazz #23
Thursday11:00 PMTicket Trivia #199
Thursday11:30 PMAwakening with Soulspirational
Friday1:00 AMVillains of Pro Wrestling #63
Friday5:30 AMPolka Time Again #1,468
Friday7:00 AMTommy Maroon Sports Show #185
Friday7:30 AMIn Search of the Lord's Way
Friday8:00 AMRSVP - Toastmasters
Friday8:30 AMThe Best of Smooth Jazz #23
Friday9:00 AMThe Real News #93
Friday9:30 AMMosaic Church Wadsworth
Friday10:00 AMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Friday10:30 AMDean Beaty at First Friday
Friday11:00 AMTicket Trivia #199
Friday11:30 AMWCTV Foundation Raffle Drawing
Friday1:30 PMWadsworth in Space
Friday2:30 PMRSVP - Toastmasters
Friday3:00 PMSalvation Army Style Show
Friday4:00 PMMalunion at First Friday
Friday5:00 PMWine with Wanda #49
Friday5:30 PMThe Best of Smooth Jazz #23
Friday6:00 PMBruce on the Loose #108
Friday6:30 PMSHE Did It Promo Videos
Friday7:00 PMSonny and Friends #26
Friday8:00 PMZoom Into Business
Friday8:30 PMThe Real News #93
Friday9:00 PMSwartz/Bechter at First Friday
Friday10:00 PMJones'n at Blue Tip BBQ
*This schedule is valid as of 9:00 PM on Saturday, March 25, 2023 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.